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Dear Future Son-In-Law…

Dear Future Son-In-Law,

There will be times when you will need me to be on your side. Give me a reason to be there.

My daughter means the world to me. Sometimes, I think parents are glad to pass the torch to someone else. I am not that kind of parent. I know it’s a little ways down the road before you become my son-in-law, but I want you to know right now that I helped mold her into that person you so dearly love.

I just want you to realize that this woman you have decided to spend the rest of your life with, was once being rocked to sleep in my arms. All I ever wanted for her, was for her to be happy. So make her happy.

Arguments will happen. No matter how angry you may get—don’t ever hit her. I mean it.

Be supportive of her. Allow her to be an individual. Give her loyalty. LOVE her. Show her often that you do. When you think you’ve shown her enough—do something else to show you do. Love is not a game. Don’t toy with her heart.

If you guys decide to have children, I expect you to be a man no matter what, and help raise them until they are grown. Be there for them. Go to soccer practice, ballet class, choir, band concerts, field trips, read to them, PLAY with them. Be a GOOD father. PicsArt_1367509549830

Hardships will occur. Overcome them. Be the type of person that if you need help, people will actually want to help you. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Sometimes people will not be able to help you, and you may have to struggle. Man up. Struggle.

Don’t allow your hopes and dreams to disappear just because you’ve started a family. That should be all the more reason to make them come true. Don’t give up hope on a dream because it’s going to take too long to happen. The time is going to pass anyways, right?

Learn to cook. You will save a ton of money. Use that money to better your lives. Take a damn vacation.

Teach my grandchildren to be kind, courteous, respectful, and most importantly good people. PicsArt_1367970964100 Don’t let them grow up to be naive, but rather teach them the difference between right and wrong. Let them know that sometimes you’re going to be right, sometimes you’re going to be wrong. Teach them that everyone makes mistakes, and we are ALL capable of learning from them.

Don’t lie, unless you must. Yes, sometimes you must.

Get promoted. Make more money. Don’t spend years dilly-dallying away not bettering yourself. Learn from other’s mistakes when you can.

Get a hobby. Sometimes you’re going to need to take a break. Take one. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

My daughter is the one who will be there by your side after your children take off for college, jobs, boyfriends, girlfriends. Treat her like that. Make her feel special. Make her feel important. Tell her every day that you love her.

People are sometimes taken from us far too soon. Don’t take her for granted. She is special. She is important. She is my little girl. Don’t you ever forget that.




Hello. I'm a 38 year-old husband and proud father of five children (all of which are girls). In addition to writing this blog, our family has a YouTube channel, called BaileyLiving.

5 thoughts on “Dear Future Son-In-Law…

  1. I just discovered your blog and I have been reading religiously through every posting. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am a single mom and I am learning so much from you with each post. I truly pray for you and your family. Remain blessed.

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