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Albert Einstein…

Albert Einstein is universally recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time. In addition to winning the Nobel Prize, he is responsible and probably most widely remembered for his Special and General Theories of Relativity. The man was an amazing character, to which literally hundreds of famous quotes are accredited to.

He was an easy choice to replace it. “It” is a movie poster my wife and I had made for our wedding. It needed replaced. This past week, I found a canvas of Albert Einstein that has done just that.

My wife and I, have decided to part ways as husband and wife. It was not an easy decision, by any means. However, without going into further details (because it really is none of your business), we are filing for a divorce.

We have only been separated for a few short months, and just recently announced it to our YouTube followers. Some of our followers jumped ship, and bailed on our family, because we weren’t “making it work.” My wife and I are still amicable. We have four very good reasons to continue to be friendly.

One thing I did when I realized my marriage was broken, was started researching. I didn’t necessarily research the ins and outs of a divorce, but more so the effects and consequences it will have on our children. I have a pretty good idea, considering I’ve been divorced from my first wife for almost nine years. I have seen first-hand some positive, and some negative effects.

It’s the little things I was concerned with. Obviously, a divorce between two parents is a tragic event for kids. It’s the little coping mechanisms she and I can do for ourselves, that I was more concerned with.

One of the first things I did when she moved out was totally clean out my room of kid items, kid toys, etc. I changed the comforter set on my bed. I covered her nail polish holder with a piece of artwork of Bo Jackson I did in ninth grade. Bo Jackson I hung up another piece of artwork I did in high school on a different wall. I bought a dry erase board and hung it next to my bed. I bought a new clock. I brought the Wii in from the living room to my bedroom. I organized all my kid’s hair stuff—I have four daughters—trust me, there’s a lot.

One thing I was/am having trouble with is pictures. I read in more than one book, that one of the worst things you can do for younger children while going through a divorce is take away normal every day items (such as the pictures of you and your spouse), that is always hanging on the wall. Supposedly, it really does have an adverse effect on kids, and it should be done gradually. I have slowly started taking down pictures of her and I, and will be moving them to their rooms instead.

So, thank you Albert Einstein, not only for your many contributions to our society, but also for helping me (and my children) move on.



Hello. I'm a 38 year-old husband and proud father of five children (all of which are girls). In addition to writing this blog, our family has a YouTube channel, called BaileyLiving.

7 thoughts on “Albert Einstein…

  1. Hello, Jeremy. I’m very sorry to here about the break up of you and your wife. I still think you’re lovely people with lovely children. Take care.

  2. Intresting. For 1yr Ive been watching your youtube videos and watch all the ones prior. I usually was more interested in the videos you were in, but not because of your skin tone its because I found you funny and interesting to watch. The reason why I say that because I feel like that’s one of many reasons why you have the viewers you do . I read all of your blog posts and I never commented on them. Some were boring and others were very captivating. (Sorry for taking so long to get to my point.) But basically this post was very attracting so I decided to give my virtual two cents. I was very curious and now You post this and after watching your annnoucement video…. I just keep thinking!!

    Why did they break up?
    because of her immaturity
    because of your immaturity
    because you joke a lot
    because shes to serious
    financial issues
    ex wife
    The list goes on. And as I get to the bottom of this reply I guess I don’t really have a point to prove because I’m not in your shoes. So your a true artist? Wirte, paint and proably others? Before I typed this out I thought about maybe I sounded to harsh or I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about, but you do put put your life on the internet with little to no restrictions.
    by the way I’m 18, artist, loves to crack jokes, maybe described as blunt , but only becaus logic is my comfort zone and I’m from California.

  3. I was so sorry and shocked to hear about the split between you and your wife. Like my jaw literally dropped and I yelled out “WHAT?!” I love watching you guys videos and seeing the girls grow over time and even the bond you and your wife had. [Considering I was a relatively new subscriber]

    I know everything in life has a reason and a season. Im positive that you all will persevere and only become stronger as individuals, even the little ones. Maybe not at the moment but they do have beautiful souls and I am sure they are surrounded by much love regardless.

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