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The Princess…

“Whoa! What are you wearing Ella?,” I asked.

“Well, it’s just my Princess dress.”

My three year-old sashayed into the living room, head held high. With her hands resting squarely on her hips, she said “Do you like my dress daddy?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle because this kid just changed clothes in a matter of mere seconds. No stretch of the truth here, this kid went from pants and a shirt to straight up Princess in less than sixty seconds.

“Why yes ma’am, I do declare” I reply.My Princess!

She spied a pair of my wife’s sunglasses and promptly adds them to her ensemble. She started pointing her toes and spinning in circles. Her hands arced up like a ballerina as she turned clumsily on her tippy-toes.

“Wow, Ella! You are a great ballerina!” I encouraged her.

“I AM NOT A BALLERINA! I’M A PRINCESS!!!” she quickly retorted.

She then asked one of my favorite questions “Do you want to dance with me daddy?”

I swayed around a little bit with her, twirled her, and did a little dip. Come to think of it, it’s probably the closest I’ve ever came to being a Prince.

Before mommy came home, I texted her a little heads up that a Princess was near. Mommy came home, fixed her hair, and off we went to dinner. So, if you happened to be at Chipotle tonight, and thought you may have seen a Princess—well, you were probably right.



Hello. I'm a 37 year old installation specialist, former bartender, husband and proud father of five children (all of which are girls).

One thought on “The Princess…

  1. You really write well!
    I’ve been following your vlogs for about a year now. But your writing is really really good!

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