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The “All About Me” Project…

A few months ago I seemed to be drifting away from my two oldest kids. I felt as if I just didn’t know them as much as I should. I asked them to do a project for me, by describing themselves to me with just a pencil and paper. They had instructions to tell me who they were, by revealing as much or as little as they wanted. It was quite interesting to see their results.

I’ll start with Taralynn. She was in 2nd grade at the time. Her paper was full of drawings. In the top left corner she wrote 4 very informative items. I’ll include the misspellings to authenticate the project. Then I will attempt to translate in parentheses. 🙂

1. im a sesneadive Girl (I’m a sensitive girl).
2. i can tell a lie any time i need too (self-explanatory, I think).
3. i know the right choies (I know the right choices).
4. i can do alot of Realy cool thing (I can do a lot of really cool things)!

What I got from the above was Taralynn feels as though she has to lie sometimes to get out of trouble. Although she realizes when she’s making (or made) a wrong choice, she still sometimes does it anyway. However, she doesn’t like to talk to me about it when she does make a wrong choice because she is very sensitive. Sometimes to take my mind off of talking to her about those choices, she shows me a neat trick she has learned recently (usually something really cool). 🙂

Below those four informative items was a small poem she wrote. Here it is:

yes i can
i can hanndle it yes
i can Tough anough
will beat The sand
but not my very
sturdy hand
yes i can anb
i will

Yes I Can
I can handle it, yes
I can be tough enough
We’ll beat the sand
But not my very sturdy hand
Yes I can and I will

In the upper right corner of the paper was the title “Fun Facks.” Directly below it read “My favirte foods are maccironi Jello and apples + chips.”

There are 4 boxes with drawings inside of them. One is titled “shirt.” Inside the box is three shirts she drew. Another is titled “acsiros” (“accessories”). Inside the box she drew a recognizable necklace, a ring, and I’m not sure what the other two items are (one is possibly a belt with peace signs on it—the other looks like a small cloud). The other two boxes are labeled “Shoe” (with a pair of boots inside), and “bottoms” (with a pair of pants on the inside of the box).

There is a Heart with the word “songs” above it. Inside the heart are these words:
Tik Tok (Oh, good ol’ Ke$ha).
likoliko (I believe these next two lines read Like a Firework).
rushIman (I have no freaking idea what song she is talking about here).

There is a few stars drawn on the page along with a picture of herself wearing a polka-dotted dress, striped tights, and heels.

The very bottom of the page reads:

im sturdy fun amaizing funny Talentedand in The Mood! (I’m sturdy, fun, amazing, funny, talented, and in the mood)!

Wait, what did she just say?

On the back she decided to leave the drawing at home and just get right to business and tell me some more important details. Right under her name she wrote:

my likes are maccironi,apples,cinninon rolls Chocclte milk and Jello i also love playing with my 3 sisters i like my classroom and my frineds Those are some cool frindes. (My favorite foods are macaroni, apples, cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk, and jello. I also love playing with my 3 sisters! I like my classroom and my friends because I have some cool friends)!
Beneath that was the word “Goals.” She listed 3 numbers but must have finally got bored of daddy’s little project for her, because she only filled out two of the numbers and the rest of the page is blank.
1. 100 on adion and subscarcion Test (100% on her addition and subtraction tests).
2. Ahive my Goal of getting an instum (I believe she wants to obtain an instrument soon). 🙂

WHEW! That was fun, wasn’t it?! I feel as if I do know some interesting things about Tara, and I’m glad she took the time to tell me all about herself. I hope my interpretations are correct, because I have this paper push-pinned into my bedroom wall. Hopefully, her and I will look back on this one day and she’ll laugh while I probably cry.

Onto the next one. Ashleigh was in fourth grade at the time. Ashleigh’s looked quite a bit different than Taralynn’s. There was only one drawing, but it was rather large, and on the back of the paper. It read her name at the top, and a beautiful young lady with a side-ponytail, a big smile, pretty eyes, and cheeks speckled with freckles. Surrounding her were two hearts and two peace signs.

The front of Ashleigh’s paper was labeled “All About Me!” She had the top highlighted, her name, age, the date, and who it was to (DADDY!). Her paper was pretty straight-forward.

Favorite Foods: Macoroni and cheese, tacos, salad, tomato soup, pizza, grilled cheese, hot dogs, pancakes, toaster strudels, strawberries, mandarin oranges, cupcakes, brownies, sprite, doctor pepper. (Wow! I feel like I should go to the grocery store now).

Favorite Colors: Anything bright and neon. I also like light blue, lime green, and bright yellow.

Favorite songs: Sparks Fly by: Taylor Swift, Fly by: Far East Movement, There Goes My Baby by: Usher, Love The Way You Lie by: Rihanna and Eminem, Only Girl in The World by: Rihanna, Right Thru Me by: Nicki Minaj, Your Luv by: Nicki Minaj

Favorite Sports: Soccer=Comits, football=cheifs, baseball=Royals, College basketball=KU!, college football=Iowa hawkeyes

My Style: layered shirts, sweat pants, hoodies, cute tees, lace cami’s, hair up with headband.

School Progress: Math = medium, Writing = Fun/Easy, Spelling = Boring/Easy, Reading = Super Fun/Easy

Favorite Books: I like scary stories, mysteries, and books about other girls like me. I like scary stories and mysteries because you never know what will happen next. I like storys about girls because I feel like I can relate to them and if I can’t I pretend I’m in their situation.

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, shopping, hanging out, slumber parties.

Well class, that concludes our lesson for today. I hope you all paid attention. There will be a pop quiz on this in five minutes.

In all seriousness, I suggest you do something like this with your kids—not only will it break up the monotony of their day, but it helps their writing, their critical thinking, and it shows you how much they have grown up since you saw them for the first time.

Children are amazing creatures, who soak every single thing in, and release gems like these when you least expect it sometimes.



Hello. I'm a 38 year-old husband and proud father of five children (all of which are girls). In addition to writing this blog, our family has a YouTube channel, called BaileyLiving.

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