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Warning Signs…

Driving in my car I occasionally see a warning sign. It’s usually a brightly colored sign, cautioning motorists to be alert. Sometimes they are bright orange, or bright yellow. Heck, sometimes they are even in the form of l.e.d. lights. It may be a sign warning of upcoming construction, or a deer crossing that we see just about every day that pass us by. These every day “warning signs” are there to remind us to be careful. They remind us to take extra precaution as we trek ahead.

What happens when the upcoming disaster that lies ahead is a child? Do we see warning signs? Is there a brightly colored sign greeting you every morning as you step outside your bedroom door warning you to beware, because trouble is brewing in a child’s life? They have to be there, right? I mean, one would imagine that it would be difficult for us (as parents, friends, neighbors, coworkers) to NOT notice trouble arising in a young person’s life, right? How hard could it be to notice something a little off? Are the warning signs recognizable? Do they scream at us?

Do you know somebody being bullied? Do you know someone having a hard time? Do you know someone who is shy, quiet, reserved, jumpy perhaps? What happens when trouble is brewing in a young person’s life and they are still in freaking ELEMENTARY school?! Why do I have to talk to my 10 year-old daughter about why her 11 year-old friend committed suicide? Is this shit in the child-rearing handbook? Why does my heart hurt so bad for someone I’ve never met? I’ve never met their family. My heart aches with every ounce of heartache it can for their family, and for their friends. What in the hell is wrong with this world? How did WE fail this little girl? Society failed, the schools failed, and we failed. (Note: I am not a professional psychologist, these are just my opinions).

An ELEVEN YEAR OLD girl committed suicide the night before her last day of school. She was friends with one of my daughters. Why would an eleven year old even think about doing that? What was going wrong in her life? I need to know what warning signs were missed, so I don’t EVER miss one. I’ll be damned if MY kids can’t come to me to talk. I just want to hug them forever and never let them go. I want them to feel so much love surrounding them, that they won’t be able to escape it. I want everything for my kids, and I hate when things like this happen. Life is a hard teacher sometimes, and things like this that happen is kinda like a pop quiz no one expected. My heart goes out to all of her friends, and her family. I am so sorry.



Hello. I'm a 38 year-old husband and proud father of five children (all of which are girls). In addition to writing this blog, our family has a YouTube channel, called BaileyLiving.

2 thoughts on “Warning Signs…

  1. There are no warning signs, but I think you already know that. I believe this entry is more about the fears a parent faces. You do the best you can, with praise and affection. The rest is up to the child and whatever higher power you believe in. Raising a child in today’s society is anything but easy. As fathers we have a foundation to set for our children, but there will be situations along the way that parents will not have a chance to be involved in. That is when what you have taught them so far in life will (hopefully) guide them down the safest path. Parenting is the most challenging task I have ever taken on – and I know it doesn’t end when they turn 18. The journey will continue through your entire life. It may be scary, but believing you are doing your best will also help your kids to know you are involved and care. From the looks of this blog, you are doing a great job.

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