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Piercing Decisions…

I think it’s safe to say that most females I know have their ears pierced. On occasion, I wonder if it was their parents that decided to have them pierced for them at a very young age, or if their parents allowed them to make a semi-informed decision when they got to be a little older.

Honestly, does a five or six-year old saying, “I really want my ears pierced today” really matter? I mean, I know they understand the concept of pain by then. Maybe some parents feel as if they’ve taken a more moral stand by telling their children about what happens to their ear when they actually get pierced. Maybe they explain how they’re going to feel a small pinch in their ears that might possibly lead them to cry. Heck, maybe they’ll even explain how the holes will be there forever. Maybe they’ll explain to them the proper techniques to keep them clean and infection-free. Either way, most females I’ve met have succumbed to the pressure at some point in their lives and now have at least one hole in each ear.

My ex-wife and I decided to let our children make the decision for themselves. By the time they both were in Kindergarten, both had decided they wanted it done. I was at work both times the children went through the ear-piercing process, so I had to hear their descriptions to get the true feelings a small child goes through as they have this tortuous act bestowed upon their ear lobes. From what I can recall, neither of them cried, and to this day they are still pretty happy to have earrings in their ears. In fact, earrings are a present they each get at least once or twice a year, and they love getting them. They have tons of earrings. I think it’s pretty cute sometimes when they’re in the bathroom trying to get ready for school and I take a gander in there to check on them to remind them of the time and I see them swapping out earrings so they match their outfit.

As you may recall, I have four children though. My current wife and I didn’t really give Ella much time to decide if she wanted her ears pierced or not. We went ahead and asked her about the ripe young age of four months if she was ready, and her true decision probably got lost somewhere in a mumble jumble of baby chatter and blank stares. Once again, I was not there to witness the momentous occasion, but I hear she only cried for a couple of minutes, and then she was fine. Ella will be two in March, and so far, so good. Not one time has she came to me and expressed her displeasure with her parents in making such a brash decision for her. In addition, I’ve actually never caught her playing with them, ripping them out, or swallowing them (which were my main concerns as I had the discussion with my wife). All in all, I believe Brandey and I are happy with our decision to have Ella’s ears pierced.

Yesterday was a big day for baby Audrey. She recently turned six months and to celebrate, she got her ears pierced. We spoke of it recently, and she seemed to be OK with the whole idea. She does like to emulate her older sisters sometimes, and she has on more than one occasion seemed very interested in the shiny things poking out of their ears. We know Audrey doesn’t fully quite grasp the concept of putting herself in harm’s way ,through preconceived pain, but nonetheless she got her ears pierced.

I was actually off work yesterday, so I was able to be a part of what has become a family ritual now. It was a fairly quick process. In fact, Audrey seemed to be more upset that this young lady talking sweet to her was in fact making a dot on her ear with a pen, than with the fact she was about to get poked in the ears by this same woman. I have to admit, it was actually not as bad as I thought it might be. She did cry, however, it was extremely short-lived. Less than a minute passed before she was back to her blank stares she has become a full-on Jedi Master at.

So, there you have it. I have four daughters with pierced ears. So far, they each only have one hole in each ear, and they all seem to be pretty OK with the method in which their ears got pierced. Two made the decisions for themselves and two had the decision made for them. Although the four of them already looked beautiful before, now they have one more excuse to go shopping with their daddy.

Hopefully, when they grow up to be young women they will still be OK with having shiny, sparkly, dangly, sometimes gaudy jewelry hanging from their ears. Heck, maybe by then I’ll be OK with telling them about the time their daddy got his tongue pierced…

On second thought…



Hello. I'm a 38 year-old husband and proud father of five children (all of which are girls). In addition to writing this blog, our family has a YouTube channel, called BaileyLiving.

2 thoughts on “Piercing Decisions…

    1. Haha! Thank you! It’s something most guys don’t think twice about I think. In fact, if I hadn’t gone the other day, I probably wouldn’t have had too much to say about it at all. Standing there and watching her get them pierced made me really think about it though. I hope you enjoyed the story!

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