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So, ummm, kinda like, you know?

So, I got Ashleigh this series of books a while back…They’re titled “Eleven,” “Twelve,” and “Thirteen.” I know she hasn’t reached any of those ages yet, but i figured she could probably “read” them, ya know? Maybe they would give her a little insight into what she has to look forward to.

Anyways, a couple nights ago Ashleigh is in the middle of them and she yelled out “GROSSSS!!!! Oh my God, daddy—-listen to this: This girl in this book is “Oh my God, it’s gross, i don’t know if i can even say these words without,….Oh! I’m getting a headache…”

I’m now curious…

“It’s just…OK, this girl is ummm, kinda, like, ya know?…”

Still curious….

“OK, she’s on her uh ‘P’—so she has to use uhhhh, ‘p’s’…(sorry, Daddy—Taralynn is sitting over there and I don’t want her to know about this—she is sooo not ready for it).”

Huh? What the #$#% is she talking about???

“OK, she usually uses a ‘p’ when she’s on her ‘P,’ BUTTTT today they’re going to the pool.”

Uh huh.

“Yeah….so she’s having someone teach her how to use a ‘T’ instead of a ‘P.’ Do you get it Daddy? Ewwwwww, that’s SOOOO GROSSSS!!!!”

Yes. Yes it is. I concur. LOL, and HAHA, but yeah. Totally not looking forward to THAT four times…

Anyways, so, ummm, kinda, like, ya know…



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