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Racism: Part Deux

So…A long time ago (way back when myspace was still “cool”), I had a blog about racism. I imported some of my older blogs last night on here, so if you go down to the bottom of my “notes” on here, you can see some of them. Anyways, the racism issue has been a little touchy for me.

First of all, the Power and Light (White) District dress code enforcement issue bothers the hell out of me. Why, you ask? First of all, I don’t hardly ever go out anymore anywhere. Little busy most nights. However, a few weeks ago there was a protest going on across the street from the P & L in front of the Sprint Center. Apparently, a group of African Americans felt they were discriminated against—they took pictures—there was a big article in the KC Star (or for the computer savvy). The picture they had on there only had 6 people in it. So PROBABLY the person that took the picture—was the one they felt was discriminated against. Since that one person was—they all were. Now they have been allowed to file suit against Cordish (they own the property)…and there goes more money from our city that could be used in so many better ways (better schools, more police, etc.). The people in the picture were holding drinks—so they were all allowed in to the Power and Light “District.” One of them, however was denied entrance into Mosaic.

If you go to and find the article—then you can scroll down to the bottom and read the comments people leave on there. Lots and lots and lots of comments on there. It just really annoys me to see how much racism (and reverse racism) is still present in our society.

Case in point (real life example here folks)…last night while i was bartending a nicely dressed, eh…fifty to sixty?ish white couple sat at the bar. They ordered a couple drinks and decided to get some food to go…They started arguing a little at the end of the bar, so I go closer to see what the issue is—apparently their son was performing last night at a local high school, they went to go see him, and instead they were treated to the (expletive) orchestra first, then the (expletive) band, etc. Their son isn’t in any (expletive) orchestra, or (expletive) band!! Why should they have to listen to that…blah, blah, blah. Basically, they jetted out of there before they saw their son perform. He was now texting them telling them what horrible parents they were. To which she says, “Jeremy, let me tell you something…don’t ever have kids. I’ve got a 30 year old and a junior in high school. Even now all they do is ruin our evenings. We don’t ever get to plan an evening for ourselves—cuz one of them will just (expletive) it up anyway!”


Sorry…that’s all i was doing in my head at the time. I was thinking “geez lady, i can kinda see why your kid thinks you’re not doing that great as a parent.”

What happened next is what prompted this little uh, note.

I, trying to have a polite conversation and turn their frowns upside down, reveal that I do, in fact, have children already. I tell her Brandey and I are actually expecting another due in May. Then I pull out the wallet to show the pics. Let me tell you something…I know if I pulled out a thesaurus I could probably fill out a pretty accurate description of this ladies face and body language when she realized that one of my children is biracial. Sigh…She said to her husband, “She’s pretty (Brandey)—Dark! But pretty, I suppose.” I was speechless. Trust me—that doesn’t happen often to me, but it did right then. Number one, I’m at my job, so of course I know better to respond how I wanted to. Then she asked what career she had “or does she do the same thing you do?” What’s our life plans? I can’t go to school—I must have to work 3 jobs! Then she asks if I still talk to my mother…I said “all the time.” Her—“What does SHE think of all this??!! I know she can’t be ok with this, right?”

Seriously? I was so freakin’ pissed…yet remained calm and held my head up high with my usual cool, go with the flow demeanor.

Before she left she told me she was going to pray for me. I think I might have to return that favor.

Anyways, just a little something on my mind right now. If you wanna see my other blog about racism from back in the day, it’s down the page somewhere.

Aiight Den,



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