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Thursday, May 29, 2008


rac·ism…>play_w2(“R0007100”)..> .. (rszm)
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

OK, So I don’t usually talk about real DEEP subjects on here. I’ve just got to vent a little bit…

So, as some of you know, I hook up the cable tv n stuff right? Well, this means I not only get to meet some interesting characters during the course of my day, but I actually am in their houses for HOURS sometimes. So, rather I want to or not—I get to hear their point of view on all sorts of subject matters.

Hence, this blog.

Racism is alive and kicking STILLLLL. Geeeeeeeeeeeeez Mannnnn….Can’t we just stop already? Damn.

So I go into 3 different elderly lady’s homes this week right? First one was on Saturday—She’s Hungarian—80 something years old. Pictures of George Bush was EVERYWHERE on her walls. She had autographs of him and Laura, Pictures of George Bush Sr…Only thing wrong with her service (why i was there in the first place—she had accidentally unplugged something). I, however, listened to some very strong political views for about an hour before she started in on the whole “racism” thing I was talking about.

Now, granted she was from Hungary. She immigrated here to the United States about 35 years ago. She has made a home here and she is proud to be an American. That being said—there is no excuse for the words she used against the Communists, the blacks, and the Mexicans. (Those were her 3 groups she chose to discriminate against before I finally made a run for it).

She told me something along these lines…”Now, Jeremy I don’t want you to think I’m a racist or nothing—but these blacks are absolutely useless. I mean, look at them! They don’t work, they don’t do nothing!” (Now, imagine an 80 something year old woman almost screaming this at me—with a thick Hungarian accent—nice visual, huh)? “Now, don’t get me wrong—I have black friends. Oh yes, I DO have black friends. The neighbor across the street (she pointed across the room)—-He is a black. He is my friend. He mows my lawn for me. He has more money than anyone else on this block and he doesn’t work. Well, besides the drugs probably…”

This went on for some time…Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

“And the Mexicans, oh my goodness the Mexicans Jeremy!!! The Mexicans, see—the government HAS to lie to the people sometimes Jeremy—don’t you see? They LET the Mexicans in here—they need people to WORK—you know the blacks aren’t going to do it…That’s why the let the Mexicans in…” Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….

This went ON people. Shit. Fuckin’ idiot.

Next elderly woman’s house I went to—couldn’t figure out how to use her vcr with our remote—so i was dispatched out there. Nice, nice lady. Very good conversation—we talked about my kids a bunch. I liked this lady. Well, until she started talking about the post office by her house—we started talking about the post office b/c I worked there for over 7 years. She has a problem with HER post office apparantly, because that’s where the black people work. And they just take fooooreeeever, ya know? Fuckin’ idiot.

Which brings me to the elderly lady I talked to today. Once again, there on a maitenance call—she couldn’t figure out her remote control either. Once again—probably at least in her seventies.

This woman just talked and talked and talked. Her husband had passed away recently and I think she was just enjoying someone there to speak to. I told her about my recent break up from Brandey. I told her how much my kids liked her, how much my family liked her, how her family accepted me and how much I liked them. I explained to her that we had taken a break from the whole relationship thing and had moved right into a friendship thing and she asked to see a picture of her. I obliged. And you should have seen the look on her face. I am not joking people—her jaw dropped and she said in a scolding manner “Well for Pete’s Sake Jeremy! She’s black! You know that should have never happened in the first place!” And she was so serious about it!!!!

Fuckin’ idiot.

But it’s not just the eldery people…Last night—Brandey was getting her nails done (we was hanging—we can do that)…Asian lady turned her nose up at a young black woman next to brandey and said something in her own language to another lady (obviously annoyed by the young woman)…And in our own way, we were probably a lil’ bit racist just by the way that we glanced at each other and smiled—almost like we connected our minds for a minute and said “speak english bitch!!! You’re in America now!”

Sighhhhh. I’m so frustrated with people…Fuckin’ idiots.

Aiight Den,




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